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Is your congregation’s worship lacking? Is the singing uninspiring? Do you always end up singing the same old songs again and again? Do you wish there was a way to incorporate some new songs while breathing life back into the classic hymns?

Experience an awakening and new excitement in your worship after Keith Lancaster presents a Praise & Harmony Workshop at your church!

Keith Lancaster developed the Praise & Harmony Workshops as a means to renew the love of a cappella singing in four-part harmony and to bring joy and enthusiasm back into worship. During the workshop, you will learn a little music theory while Keith is teaching new songs to inspire your worship. Become reacquainted with the beauty of the hymns of our past while learning newer, contemporary worship songs in a fun-filled, uplifting event of worship and song at a Praise & Harmony Workshop!

How It Works…

There are Four distinct sections to a Praise & Harmony Workshop.

Friday Evening
This is an invaluable part of the weekend. He will meet with the leadership of the church, the worship team and the song leaders. This is where Keith learns the direction you want to take your worship. He will go through some exercises with you and you will get to ask questions of him. This time with Keith will start the path to a better worship experience for the Church.

Saturday Evening
This is the primary session of the weekend.  Keith will lead your congregation in approximately 90 minutes of lecture and singing going through the songs everyone has worked so hard in learning.  During this time, he will touch on some of the history of the a cappella movement and spend a few minutes talking about shape-notes and light musical theory.  This session is the perfect time to invite your friends, neighbors and the community to enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship and amazing singing.

Sunday Morning Bible Class:
Keith likes to meet with all Adult and Teens, during class time to discuss leading a worship service.  He will provide pointers and advice on how to more effectively lead dynamic worship.

Sunday Morning Worship Service:
Keith will lead the morning worship service, using songs that your congregation has been practicing and perfecting on Saturday night.  He will weave the songs into a flowing, cohesive service that will not only edify your members and visitors, but, also, bring glory to God.  He requests that the lesson of the day be on the topic of “Worship” or “Praise.”

Training Discs

Most of us are not classically trained in music, can’t read music, and don’t have “perfect pitch.”  Rather, we learn songs by ear.  Think back, did anyone take the time to teach you all the music in your church’s songbook or hymnal?  No, you learned them naturally by listening to those around you singing.

That is the philosophy behind the training discs included with every Praise & Harmony album.  On the main disc, each song is recorded with over 200 voices in the congregational setting.  However, on the training disc, each song is recorded with just four voices: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  This way you can more easily pick out your part and start to learn each song as you listen.  To make it even easier, the high voices (soprano and tenor) are recorded on the left channel, while the low voices (alto and bass) are on the right channel.  To isolate your particular part simply adjust the balance on your stereo, or remove one of your earphones.


Included in your Praise & Harmony Workshop package is 90 copies of the one Praise & Harmony album directly correlates with your Workshop.  These CDs are sent to your church before your Workshop so that your congregation can begin learning the songs prior to Keith’s arrival.  You will receive your CDs about three months prior to your scheduled Workshop.

Once you have the discs, and have distributed them to the members of your congregation, we encourage you to start holding weekly classes to learn the songs.  You will want to sit in sections (soprano, tenor, alto, bass) so that your members can listen and learn from each other while singing.  Because your members will have the training discs with them in their homes and cars, they will be able to utilize their free time to listen and learn the music as well.  We have found that congregations that have prepared for the Workshop in this way benefit so much more than those who are unprepared.  Think of it like a test in school, if you study, you do so much better.

Workshop Booking

Keith’s calendar fills up very quickly so you need to act now if you would like to host a Praise & Harmony Workshop at your congregation.  Contact Bill Brunkhardt to book yours today at:

Bill Brunkhardt
(615) 681-7105 – Cell
bill@acappella.com – Email

When you book a Praise & Harmony Workshop the fee covers Keith’s Honorarium; his travel, lodging, and meals; and provides your congregation with 90 of the double-CD Praise & Harmony albums.

If you need more than 90 CDs, additional copies may be purchased at a discounted rate.  You can go to:

And click on the tab for church bulk orders on the left.

You may also swap songbooks for CDs (for example 60 CDs and 30 songbooks, or 45 CDs and 45 songbooks) at the same price.

Note: Workshops outside the 48 contiguous States may have a higher fee dur to travel costs.

“I cannot encourage you enough to participate in one of these singing workshops or better yet, to host one. It will change your congregation and its attitude toward worship.” -Rex Dillinger – Noblesville, IN

“I have never experienced a worship service like that in my entire life! To say it was uplifting, encouraging, energizing, humbling, and a mountain top experience all at the same time . . . well, mere words just aren’t enough.” -Vicki Lee – Rogers, AR