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  - Gary Miller  
  Vocal Part: Sub-bass  
Gary was born and raised in south-central Ohio. He and his family moved
to Tennessee from the Columbus area in 1989 to join Acappella Ministries.
"My wife Debbie has been the greatest source of encouragement and
support to me! I have the most wonderful kids in the world (Nathan, Ellie,
and Gretchen- and her soldier husband Josh Lewis - currently serving our

nation in Iraq). They are devoted Christians and very much involved in

Christian music."
Gary was raised in a musical family -- his parents, grandfather, and some
aunts and uncles were professional musicians. "My dad has been a great
musical inspiration to me. He is a very accomplished musician and luthier.
My folks taught me [to play] guitar when I was very young. The guitar has
been such a blessing and source of tranquility for me through the years."
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