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As a child of God, you can only
offer God one thing that you
possess that He does not...
YOUR PRAISE! The human voice
is capable of making wonderful
music, and it can make all of
Heaven rejoice if we lift our voices together in harmony and praise the God from
whom all blessings flow.
This is the idea behind the Praise & Harmony Workshop and series of albums. A
blending of voices in congregational style worship to the one true Lord of all. A
gathering of voices to hear, see, and learn the words and 4-part harmonies; sopranos
soprano, alto, tenor & bass; all part of the prepartion for the Praise & Harmony
with Keith Lancaster.
With the Praise & Harmony songbooks and vocalist training discs, people are listening
to these songs repeatedly, in their homes, in their cars, gathered as groups in homes
and classes, and able to sing along. Soon you should be able to memorize your part
and be able to sing harmony.
At your Praise & Harmony Workshop, Keith will instruct and interpretively direct the
congregation in singing. This can be a wonderful learning and unifying experience for
the local Church and Community.
We hope the music of this series will take you the the throne in worship.
"I can't encourage you enough to participate in one of these singing worshops, or
better yet, to host one. It will change your congregation and its attitude toward
worship," said Rex Dillinger, a song leader from Noblesville, Indiana.
Rex graciously prepared a video help your Praise & Harmony Workshop be the best
it can be and we'd love to share it with you.
To schedule your Praise & Harmony Workshop, contact:
Bill Brunkhardt
(615) 681-7105 - Cell
bill@acappella.com - Email
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