SongFest FAQs

Many churches were once known for their vibrant, 4-part, a cappella singing. High school and college choir directors often sought out people who attended these churches because of their love for and understanding of the harmonies they participated in each week.

Over the years, some churches have begun to lose the 4-part harmony that once made them stand out in their respective communities. Many members have simply stopped singing during worship assemblies. We want to restore and retain harmony and joyful worship in churches. SongFest is one way to do just that.

During SongFest, Keith Lancaster brings a message of unity, participation, and joy. He shares the scriptural importance of every believer participating in the singing while inspiring and equipping even total beginners to learn to sing confidently in 4-part harmony. Keith loves to lead classic hymns and also teach new songs using surprisingly easy and effective methods.

This is a great event for community engagement and outreach while also helping revive vibrant singing within the church. If you are a church leader, please contact us to schedule a SongFest in your church.

Many individuals also find a SongFest weekend to be a great and fulfilling bucket-list item and will travel many miles to attend. Please check our SongFest calendar and plan to join us at a SongFest near you.

What are the goals of SongFest?

  • High level of worship participation
  • Planning and preparing for worship
  • Sing-able arrangements and resources
  • Blending old and new songs
  • Teaching four-part harmony
  • Renewing worship
  • Enthusiastic worship
  • Purpose

What are the suggested times for scheduling a SongFest?

Week-end & Mid-week Options Week-end: Friday evening: Meet with church leaders Saturday afternoon: 2 hour session Sunday morning: combined Sunday School class with adults and teens Sunday worship services Mid-week: Wednesday: 1 & 1/2 to 2 hour evening session Thursday: 1 & 1/2 hour to 2 hour session after dinner

Can we purchase additional Praise & Harmony songbooks and CDs the day of the workshop?

Yes. There will be a sales table with volunteers to assist you with that purchase. It is highly recommended that as many members of your congregation that can, purchase their CD well in advance to use for the practices your congregation schedules in singing class and in homes to better prepare for a more successful learning session with Keith Lancaster at the Praise & Harmony Worship Workshop. It is very inspiring to work with large groups of people who have prepared themselves fully to sing and worship together.

Will I be able to bring my friends & neighbors?

Yes! You will be able to invite your friends and neighbors to the SongFest. We encourage you to include them in your practices leading up to the event as well. Getting together in homes to sing is an excellent way to get to know people better in a casual setting. Your enthusiasm for this event will be a light to the world. As Friday evening leaders sessions are designed specifically for the hosting church, we ask that attendance to these sessions be reserved for the host church only.

Do we need to have Powerpoint and media projection capabilities?

Yes, this will be needed, as well as a specialist to operate them for the event.

Will sound equipment be necessary for the workshop?

Yes, and a sound technician to operate the equipment.

Does Keith prefer a hand-held or lapel microphone?

Keith prefers a wireless hand-held microphone.

Can we use Keith Lancaster's picture on our website and your other Praise & Harmony promotional pictures, logos and materials to promote this event?

Yes! We encourage you to do so and additional materials will be made available to you once your event is confirmed.

Can we choose which Praise & Harmony songs we’d like to sing at the Sunday morning worship hour?

Keith likes to have you involved in helping choose the 12 songs from the same CD that will be focused on during your SongFest, and then he will plan the Sunday worship.