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Progressive A Cappella Southern Gospel

The Acappella Company’s roots in the Southern Gospel musical tradition are deep. Such songs as “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More” and “I’ll Have A New Life” provided a traditional foundation for Acappella. But as Acappella explored and expanded its musical repertoire to include more contemporary sounds, the group moved away from a strictly Southern Gospel focus. In the wake of that transition, Vocal Union was born.

pageVocalUnionHistoryOriginally comprised of studio support staff at The Acappella Company – producers, engineers and interns – Vocal Union is a group of men dedicated to God and who love to sing about it with all their hearts. This is a group that fits all ages and crosses all boundaries. Utilizing close harmonies and traditional “old-time” gospel treatments of songs. Vocal Union has brought groups in Tulsa, Nashville, Cincinnati and other concert crowds to their feet with cheers for their beloved musical style. The group’s success has witnessed a host of talent that has joined this ministry to continue the legacy of the Vocal Union sound.

For the majority of its existence, the driving force behind Vocal Union was Gary Miller – song writer, recording engineer, producer and one amazing and accomplished bass singer. During his tenure, Miller led Vocal Union to new heights including international appearances, top honors in the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and a concert at Carnegie Hall. Miller also contributed songs to many other vocal groups in Acappella Ministries, including Acappella, AVB, the Praise & Harmony series and various Acappella Company series projects and albums. On March 12, 2011, Gary Miller left us to sing with the angels above.

Check out the Vocal Union website for more information at vocalunion.com.

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