Song Lyrics

“What did he say?! I didn’t catch that…”

A request we often receive is from people wanting to know the lyrics for a certain song. In over 40+ years of music ministry, The Acappella Company has released close to 145 individual albums. Doing the math, that would put us somewhere near 2900 songs and hundreds of thousands of words sung. And inevitably, someone somewhere will be stumped by the lyrics of a certain song and will want to figure it out.

Sometimes, we’ll hear folks singing along with the song and singing the wrong words. Would you believe we have also been suspected of cursing or supporting any number of sinful activities or supporting specific political platforms? All due to a misunderstood lyric or phrase.

Well, to make things easier on the lyrically-starved masses, we have posted every word to every song on the official Acappella Company Lyrics Website, This wonderful site, which also has lyrics to other groups songs as well, is monitored by Ken Pittman and run by volunteers. Drop by and tell them we sent you!